Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cook it in two days after pruchase! or else...

I love seafood, don't you all love them too? I used to have a major allergic reaction to seafood, especially if they are not fresh or clean enough. So, I used to avoid seafood at all costs. But now, after I lost my allergic reaction to seafood, I just realized what I have missed all these years of my life.

One thing that makes people hate to cook seafood is the smell of fish and it also only lasts for 1 or two days max, before it goes bad. If someone is like me in the pasts, this condition is not good. So, to make you seafood quite fresh for a long period of time, you will need a few storage tricks.

First, after you buy the seafood, pack them into plastic bags as soon as possible. If you usually cook 2 squids per meal, then pack them 2 by 2. make sure that you get most of the air out before you put it in the fridge.

Second, if you bought a fillet fish, fish steaks, etc, you might want to put them in a container and fill the container with saltwater before you put it in the freezer.

Third, put it in the fridge below 0 degrees temperature, and when you want to thaw it, take them to the normal section of the fridge for at least a night. DO NOT put them directly to sunlight and put it in hot water, because it will make the seafood goes bad really fast.

Now, you know how to prolong she seafood quality. But, it doesn't really useful if you can't cook them isn't it? then these are two recipes for VERY EASY seafood preparation.

A. Prawns

Materials: Prawns, Shallot, Garlic, Lemon, Coriander

1. You can just boil prawns with their exoskeleton until it becomes red.

2. Put them in the bowl and slice shallots and garlic

3. Dice coriander and slice the lemon

4. coriander, garlic, and shallots in soy sauce. mix them and add lemon afterward.

5. enjoy the prawns by peel their exoskeleton and dipped them in the soy sauce.

B. Squids/Calamari (Note, one squid can serve 2-4 people per meal)

Materials: Squids, Bread Crumb / Flour, Egg

1. Clean the squid and remove the "bone" in the middle.

2. Don't forget to clean the tentacles sucker rings. To this easily, let water running on the sink and rub the tentacles sucker under the running water. the ring will come out easily and carried by the running water.

3. Cut the squid's body in a ring style.

4. Put the squid in a bowl and put salt and pepper. Mix well, leave it for 10-20 minutes.

5. whisk an egg and dip the squid into it, then spread the bread crumbs all over it. the egg will make them sticks.

6. Fry them in a medium heat.

These two recipes are very easy, right? Even the most amateur cook can make this and tastes delicious!

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